Help Us Save Our Beautiful Planet and BALUCHLAND 


from absolute evil!

Baluch people of all sects, colors and walks of life are in grave danger from the satanic regime of Iran and Pakistan, these two representatives of Satan have berried crimes against humanity in the past, but their days are numbered, and we will not allow that on our watch.




Nukes are very bad for our planet, knowing they are in the hands of very hateful people who commit genocide and heinous crimes against humanity & crimes against the people Baluchistan is even ever scarier! The elements which form Pakistan have no Mercy on anyone, that’s why Pakistan as it stands must get dismantled and its supply of nuclear bombs surrendered to the UN!

Pakistani Army’s massecure of infants, woemen and children in baluchistan

Pakistani Army crimes against humanity get unnoted because Pakistan has friendship arrangements with some factions of United States?! Pakistan Spineless Military continues to destroy Baluch People. They get a pass from HRW?! It’s pathetic & shameless act for those who hold these offices and are as much part criminals!

Iran’s mass massecre of baluch people

At least 10 Baluch were killed in the Saravan border area near Iran occupied Baluchestan border inside the area of Balochistan occupied by Pakistan. These two failed countries have always waged a together war against the people of Baluchistan! Unfair war to massacre innocent unarmed civilian! It’s unforgivable that major crimes against humanity go unnoticed since UN refuses to have a UN peace keeping presence Baluchistan.

Iran/Pakistan failed countries, massecre their own citizens for power!

Since the creation of EVIL Iran 1920’s & Hell Hound Pakistan 1947’s, these failed states have lied, cheated, massacred & committed crimes against humanity. Both evil states are highly corrupted & unstable. These failed states have one objective: Murder, Death Kill & a complete disrespect for human life & humanity. Republic of Baluchistan will bring stability and control in the region and an end to evil in the subcontinent.

Your support for Republic of Baluchistan means:

An End EVIL AND END to illegitimate corrupt regimes, peace and serenity in the region, control and economic opportunity for ALL, and mostly an end to crimes against humanity.

UN Top Priorities should be

Disarming Pakistani Nukes and Installing UN peace keeping missions in East and West Baluchistan which is illegally occupied by Iranian and Punjabi-Pakistani forces committing genocide in Baluchistan could the 1st positive step. These terms should be nonnegotiable!

Baluchistan will

bring regional security and stability in the area

Baluchistan will

boost global economy and end currpot regimes


create oppertinities to explore space and the universe


treat all human beings as one, reglardless of race, color or language they speak


a free and open democratic republic of Baluchistan for all to participate and love & live 

martyr karima baluch


Baluch Campaign is to respect life, live and let live

The current highly corrupted forces that govern the spineless Pakistani regime “The Pakistani Terrorist Army” and the Satanic regime of demonic Ayatollahs of Iran which came from the very depths of hell! these evil regime handlers are all about MURDER, DEATH AND KILL! their slogan for people to die and they preach people to accept death and unhappiness in life to only find happiness in death not in life! This is not okay! this is not right! let’s as humans speak out let’s together make this part of the world safe, clean it from the hellish filth which has taken over and open it up for all of humanity. Let’s not allow Pakistan’s dirty filthy military and Iran’s demonic ayatollahs to fool anyone. Whatever comes out of their mouth is fact lie, the only objective they have is to extend to rule longer and to finally destroy humanity. Let’s not allow them to take it that far and harm all of humanity!

Human Rights Watch Activist – Karima Suffered Martyrdom when she spoke against Pakistan Army, Pakistan Military and Pakistani ISI crimes against humanity and genocide.